Reasons Why You Should Cancel Your Netflix Subscription for Good

by Adriana
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We all look for ways to entertain ourselves at the end of a tiring day. Most people prefer consuming content on Netflix to enjoy some downtime with their family members. However, there comes a time when one finds it pointless to pay for Netflix.

If you have been subscribed to Netflix for a long time, you might feel that it is no longer a good fit for your entertainment needs. This is the primary reason why the streaming company recently disclosed its earnings report for the second quarter. According to a report, Netflix has lost almost millions of its subscribers.

The platform is expected to lose more subscribers as there are more reasonable streaming options out there. If you are having trouble finding something new and exciting to watch on Netflix, maybe it’s high time to cancel your subscription.

But if you are on the fence about parting your ways with Netflix, here is a list of reasons why it is a good idea to get rid of Netflix. So, let’s get started!

You Are Struggling with Price Hikes

Currently, almost every other individual is suffering because of ongoing inflation. For those who are already struggling to pay the bills for something as crucial as electricity, grocery, and more, it is even more difficult to pay for non-essential expenses. Netflix falls into the category of unimportant things that you could easily consider cutting back on. If you think you can’t the monthly fee for Netflix, then maybe it’s time to make a difficult decision to bid a sweet farewell to Netflix.

However, what you need to keep in mind is that this decision of subscription does not have to be permanent.

Ask Yourself How Much Netflix Content You Watch

To understand your streaming needs, you need to keep track of the content you consume on Netflix. If you watch a movie or a show once in a blue moon, it would not be wrong to say that you are not getting value for your money. However, if you manage to finish a movie marathon every night, and rely on Netflix for an unforgettable entertainment experience, then it is not a good idea to cancel your subscription.

To check the list of shows and movies you have watched on the streaming platform so far, go to Account and look for Profile & Parental Controls. You will see the option of Viewing activity, click on it to see everything by date. This will give you an accurate overview of the content you consume regularly. If you don’t watch much content, consider canceling your monthly Netflix subscription.

Netflix Originals Are Often Drawn-Out

The streaming platform offers thousands of shows and movies from different distributors, but third-party content comes and goes. In some cases, movies and shows are moved to another streaming platform, that too on short notice. You may find it hard to decide whether to cancel your subscription based on its content from third-party distributors.

You need to ask yourself if you really like consuming the original content offered by Netflix. There’s absolutely no shortage of Netflix’s original content. The streaming service creates exclusive content to meet the entertainment needs of its subscribers. With a variety of genres to choose from, you will certainly something that you will thoroughly enjoy or get hooked to.

The productions of Netflix might not attract you as much as the blockbuster shows that can only be accessed via Disney+. Most Netflix subscribers feel that its originals are a bit drag. Even if they like any Netflix original, it often is too long that it does not appeal to the subscribers.

You Can Always Subscribe to Netflix Later

There’s nothing that could stop you from returning to Netflix later. Even if you plan to part ways with the streaming service due to the financial crisis, the bottom line is that Netflix is a flexible platform where you could come back later to catch up on your favorite shows. The best part about the service is that you can cancel its subscription whenever you want. There is no such thing as an early termination fee for Netflix subscribers.

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All in All

As Netflix recently got more expensive and it is expected to get more costly with little to no improvement in content, you should consider canceling your subscription. Netflix’s standard tier has risen to $15.49 per month from $13.99/mo., which is no longer affordable for many subscribers. On the other hand, if you actively watch content on Netflix and don’t find it costly, then you could continue your subscription.

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