How to Find Your Perfect Match: Marriage Matching by Date of Birth in Tamil

by Adriana

Tamil culture places great importance on traditions and astrological beliefs when planning a wedding. According to Tamil culture, matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom is essential before choosing a partner.  

Marriage is considered sacred, and the family is given just as much importance as the bride and groom. Everything is done keeping in mind the traditions and astrological beliefs of both sides. 

Marriage matching by date of birth in Tamil is called ‘Thirumana Porutham’, and it is entirely based on astrology. The reason why this process plays an important role is that it determines the compatibility of the partners and whether the marriage will last in the long run.

The Purpose of Marriage Matching Tamil

Marriage matching astrology in Tamil is rooted in the principles of Vedic astrology. The Janam Kundalis of the girl and the boy are analyzed to check whether they would be compatible in various aspects of life. This ensures that the couple has a prosperous and happy life. 

Foundational Elements of Marriage Matching in Tamil Astrology

Rashi/Zodiac Matching

This is a vital factor in marriage matching Tamil, as each of the 12 Rashis represents characteristics and personality traits. Checking compatibility through zodiac signs is one of the best ways, and it is even used in other cultures. 

Nakshatra Based Match Making

Nakshatras essentially means the lunar constellation. A person’s nakshatra depends on the position of the moon at the exact time of their birth. In terms of checking compatibility, the Nakshatras help assess the emotional, mental, and physical compatibility between the couple.

Guna Marriage Matching Tamil

Guna matching is practised widely in the Hindu religion, and it is also called Ashtakoota matching. In this method, all the gunas of a couple’s horoscope are analyzed. 

Each Guna is given some points, and the sum of these points ultimately decides the couple’s compatibility level. In simple language, the eight Gunas include caste, control, constellation, nature, friendship, temperament, differences, and health. 

Why is Marriage matching Tamil Considered Important? 

Honouring Cultural Beliefs

People in Tamil Nadu firmly believe that astrology has a significant influence on life events. Following astrology in marriage matching ensures that everything is done according to cultural beliefs.

Endurance of Marriage

Many people dream of a long and happy marriage, but it is unpredictable and takes effort. But what if you could check the possibilities through horoscopes? 

That is precisely what is done in the Tamil match making process. If the horoscopes of the couple are well-matched, it is believed to lend longevity to the marriage and harmony in the relationship.

Helps in Avoiding Conflict 

Understanding and addressing each other’s issues is an excellent way of maintaining a healthier relationship. However, many couples find it difficult to navigate areas of conflict or challenges. 

Believe it or not, a horoscope is actually a good way of understanding the basics of someone’s personality traits. That is precisely what Marriage horoscope matching Tamil is for. Putting it loosely, imagine getting a preapproved list of do’s and don’ts in a relationship.

Family Acceptance

As mentioned earlier, marriages in Tamil Nadu bring two families together. Having the same beliefs and traditions helps in getting support and acceptance from both families. Moreover, if the horoscopes match, then the families believe that the partner is suitable for their children.

Process of Marriage Matching by Date of Birth in Tamil

Accurate Birth Time Details 

The whole process is based on the bride and groom’s date of birth details. So, the first step is to know the exact date, time, and place of birth. Even the slightest mistake or change will result in inaccurate results. The correct details will help in making the birth charts. 

Generate Janam Kundalis 

A specific set of calculations is used to generate the birth charts, Janam Kundali. An experienced astrologer should do this; they can either use reliable software or get the results through manual calculations. The purpose of Janam Kundalis is to give detailed views of Nakshatras, planetary positions, and Rashis, among other things.

Check Nakshatra Compatibility 

Once the astrologers have the details and the final Janam Kundali, they start analyzing the bride and groom’s nakshatra compatibility. The Nakshatras indicate the potential challenges and positive aspects of the relationship. 

Rashi compatibility

The next step is to check the Rashi compatibility. The purpose of performing a Rashi matching is to determine how the couple’s Rashis align with each other. If the result is harmonious, it means the couple is compatible in terms of emotional bonding and mutual understanding.

Guna Milan score

After that based on the Ashtakoota system, the astrologers are able to calculate the Guna Milan score. All the Gunas have a different set of criteria, and according to that, the total score comes out. It helps evaluate the overall compatibility of the bride and groom. If the score is high, it is considered favorable for the couple, and there are better chances of the marriage working out.

Final Compatibility Result 

Once the astrologers have everything they need, they are able to get accurate results, and they can give guidance to the couple based on that. The families and the bride and groom can understand the possible challenges and what can be done to avoid them.


Marriage matching in Tamil Nadu is vital before a partner is chosen for marriage. Everything is considered and reconsidered carefully, and since it is based heavily on astrology, there can be no missteps. That is why you should get it done by experts. There are many astrologers who can help, but it can be hard to find the ones with experience and expertise.

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